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Main LP: Final Fantasy VI

 Moogle(s) held captive

I’ve decided to ditch this blog.

This will honestly go nowhere. I’m setting up a new LP blog at some future time, but it’s going to take on a very different style from this one. Plus, it’ll be more for my friends than wide audience, so I don’t have to bother too much.

I’m keeping this blog open so you guys can look at the old posts, but it is going inactive.

Sorry guys!

I do honestly have the next VI LP post drafted.. and incomplete. I’ve been too busy with life to spend enough time gaming and writing about it at the same time. Plus, a friend has been bugging me to play Arkham City so I thought I’d satisfy that. It was a nice Batman game, definitely, and I’m glad to see some quality products are still out there today!

But yes, that post has been worked on and it will come sooner or later. We all know real life can be an inconvenience. Hell, I’m sure only around three people probably actually care that this blog exists, but it satisfies me to post this stuff, and that’s good enough for me. And for those that do care, thanks for being here! An interested audience always makes things better.

Also, as an add-on to my post about VII and VIII being on Steam.. I’ve heard recently that Square set up for a digital release of the game, but it currently makes you log-in to view any content, and of course, we don’t have the log-in details. Google’s cache makes the details slip, though. Sounds like another attempt at a Steam release, to me, but Square hasn’t given any official announcement about it thus far, so. I am fascinated, though. Achievements, cloud saves and DURRHURR PC CHEATS? Minor stuff, but it’s certainly different from a plain vanilla upload of the original PC version.

Does test run for next part of FFVI LP.

Gets confused with SNES and GBA terminology. Spends time looking for Areneids in the Veldt. Realises Alacrans are the same thing as Areneids. Quick save data gets corrupted.

Oh man.

Did you guys know,

FFVII and FFVIII are actually on Steam.

They’re just not available.

Apparently Square was attempting to breathe new life into the original PC ports but failed terribly, hence the ports never becoming available on Steam despite the files being on there. They also used fan-made patches and launchers, editing them to read Square Enix, apparently. Naughty, naughty. Still, it was an attempt, but it failed. 

Old news, but hey, might be new to some of you!

I changed the look of the blog!

Now I can finally stop feeling bad about it. Hope it’s no pain to you! I like it, at any rate. I’ve added a few pages that will be handy in the future for navigation as well (obviously they don’t have much going for them right now).

EDIT: And I’ve uh, fixed the numbering problem with the FFVI posts.

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI #17 - Tactical Clothes-stealing Action: Metal Gear Locke


Today, we’re going to be stealing clothes from people while they’re wearing them! How is Locke going to escape?

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Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI #16 - No Ears


Yeah, I’m doing Terra/Banon/Edgar first. Shall we have some seafood soup or?

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Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI #15 - Tentacle Hentai

I mean, really, this part of the game has a perverted octopus in it, what other title did you expect me to give the post?

Let’s get on with this meeting, then.

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Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI #14 - Trash

Today, we’re heading off to the hideout to make a life decision. Also, the unique formation seen in the screenshot only happens outside the exit to Mt. Kolts.

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Let’s Play Final Fantasy VI #13 - BROTHER!

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